Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pilgrimage in Natchez

     During the Fall and Spring, for a set length of time, Natchez opens its antebellum homes and private residences for touring.  Guides and descendants of the original owners are dressed according the time antebellum era  to give visitors a visualization of the time period.  Each house is furnished with and 18th and 19th century style in Natchez.
     The Natchez Pilgrimage Group Tour Headquarters arranges all tours and ticketing to all of the Spring and Fall events during Pilgrimage.  The public homes are remain open for touring throughout the year.  The homes provide local guides that are trained and certified.  They are required for all local city tours.
     Group dining is provided year-round and on holidays in restaurants and mansions.  A dining group needs atleast 20 paying guests.  The tours also offer gospel groups, concert events, and living history performances.  Teas, cocktail parites, and dinners are also offered in most of the mansions.

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